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R&D Center
Expanded the requirements of the material that is used in various industries, including aerospace, automotive, marine, construction, sports and leisure, the composite materials research and development activities are in dire need. As a result, to serve the high quality Prepreg for our customer with the matrix of high elasticity carbon fiber, glass fiber, silicon-carbide fiber, kevlar of high quality using fiber and boron fiber for satisfying the condition of high elasticity, high strength, light weight, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, internal combustion Mars, fatigue strength, stability, chemical resistance, etc. the institute has been established.
High strength & high elasticity prepreg using carbon fiber
Flame resistance, heat resistance, electric insulation prepreg using glass fiber
High-temperature prepreg using silicon-carbide
Impact resistance, wear resistance prepreg using kevlar fiber
Development of high-temperature thermosetting resin using epoxy-modified
Development of prepreg using thermoplastic resin such as high-temperature type PPS, PEEK