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Home Product Introduction Coating
We manufacture composite materials coated with thermosetting resin such as epoxy, phenolic, unsaturated polyester after the surface treatment for glass cloth & carbon fabric.
  - Phenol Coating
- Polyester Coating
- Epoxy Coating
- Fire-retardant epoxy coating
Specific use
  Sports leisure (golf shaft, archery, sky plate, surfing board), parts for vehicles & airplanes, robot arms for industrial purpose.
- Melamine coating
- Urethane coating
- Silver-carbon coating
- Silicone coating
- P.V.C Coating
- Rubber Coating
- Acryl-Binder coating
- Silane Treatment
- Aluminum-foil laminating
(P.V.C film, ĺ, Craft paper adhesive tapes)
- Non-combustibles coating (Fire resistant treatment)
- Adhesive glass tapes
- Colour coating